CVP Encore

CVP Encore began as a way of reaching out to alumni members who still wanted an opportunity to perform. In 2013, the dream became a reality. Aside from recruiting, Encore needed to have their own identity. It was decided to try a new type of performance based shows. Goal number one was to entertain the audience.

In the following years, Encore has had many inquiries for members that were new to the CVP family and have been welcomed with open arms. The membership includes members from ages 18 and up. The time and financial commitment are easier than our other independent guard and all members are held accountable for giving their best. This is a very friendly group who loves not only to perform but to interact with other guard members from all over the circuit. You will see some familiar faces as we have many members who also teach HS guard programs in AIA.

Previous Shows

  • 2013 – Inaugural Year – The Gypsies
  • 2014 – The Elevator – A funny look at the day in an office
  • 2015 – First Circle – Featuring the music from the Pat Methany Group
  • 2016 – For the Boys – AIA Gold Medalists featuring music from the soundtrack from the movie of the same title
  • 2017 – Gatsby – AIA Gold Medalists featuring music from the Great Gatsby soundtrack
  • 2018 – Now Casting – AIA Gold Medalists featuring music from the movie La La Land
  • 2019 – Breaking Free – AIA Gold Medalists
  • 2020 – Coming soon…..