The Rebecca Rosenfeld Outstanding 1st Year Member Award

Rebecca was a member of CVP A during the 2011-2012 season. She was talented, kind, funny, intelligent and adventurous. When she would learn something, she wanted to understand every part of it. Her inquisitive nature is also why she was such an outstanding student at NC State University. Over the course of the season, she grew as a performer and at the end of the season was awarded the outstanding 1st year member for 2012. A tragic accident on July 4th, 2012 cost her life. This award was named after her because she embodied what we look for in our guard members. We hope all future recipients can live up to her standards.
Rebecca Rosenfeld
CVP-A Award Recipients
2012 Rebecca Rosenfeld
2013 Tiffany Waite and Nicole Young
2014 Megan Whitener
2015 Cassidy Hyde
2016 Mary Wheelehan
2017 Anna Sheetz and Aswin Mundra
2018 Neil Hemmerly
2019 Cecilia Parrish


CVP Encore Award Recipients
2016 Amanda Davis
2017 Minita Little
2018 Betsy Talbert
2019 Bianca Harrison-Ashe